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Five years after opening her bespoke letterpress business, Sara McNally realised things were no longer working out the way she planned. Rather than close her store she made the brave decision to completely pivot and recreate a new version of her business Constellation and Co. Including opening a store front, on a whim! Join Sara and I as we chat about;

  • New opportunities that have come from changing direction
  • Why reinvention should be a constant activity
  • The importance of connecting with people who understand
  • How running a business impacts on mental health
  • How mental health impacts on your business
  • Why building a customer base at the expense of your own value and worth is one of the most damaging things you can do

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Sara McNally is the owner of Constellation & Co, a letterpress stationery company and brick & mortar gift shop located in the Seattle Fishermen’s Terminal.

Constellation & Co uses the power of words and the magic of snail mail to connect people and make us all feel less alone.

Our line of cards and gifts are inspired by the events and occasions in life that are made sweet by close, honest relationships. Our work as Constellation & Co. is built for sharing joy and holding our loved ones close in the middle of pain.

When Sara’s not working at the shop, she’s sending snail mail to her loved ones, buying copious amounts of fountain pens, and spending time with her husband and son.

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