Judging Ourselves

I was listening to Lewis Howes’ podcast today, with Marie Forleo as the guest.

I love listening to her, and all she believes in.

Towards the end, Lewis & Marie talked about the “compare game”, which reminded me that I had actually started writing a post about exactly this (but never pressed go on).

I caught myself comparing where I’m at, with what Marie had accomplished. I was taking a shot of ‘campare-schlager’, as Marie calls it.

So, now I’m pressing go. To remind myself, and you, that you should never judge your reality with someone else’s show reel.

Do you ever feel like

[Tweet “There’s a voice in your head that’s telling you you’re not worth it.”]

Who are you to be doing this.

What gives you the right to be doing this thing you love.

You follow your competitor on social media, and clearly THEY have their shit worked out. I mean, they post 3 times a day. You’re lucky to get 3 a month!

They constantly have new stock in their store, and you’re struggling to get people in the door.

We hide behind the voice in our head that tells us these things. Using this voice to stop us from moving on.we use it to justify why we can’t be successful, why we can’t move on. It’s almost like a procrastination tool. Or lets be honest, its just an excuse.

What’s your crutch?

You won’t do a video until you lose 5 pounds

You wont start a blog until you’ve done a writing course,

You won’t have a website because you can’t work out what colours you’d like, or which platform you want to use.

Technology is just too hard.

Here’s some advice

You won’t get better if you don’t start.

You can always update.

In 12 months, if you really hate those videos you made, delete them. Reshoot them.Change the colours on your website.

You will only get better with practice. And once you’ve made that first step, you’ll feel like you’ve accomplished something.

I’m not ready yet. They should ask someone else, because clearly I’m out of my depth.

That’s what the voice in your head is telling you right?

Why? What is the worst thing that could happen? You write a blog post and get some negative comments? At least you can see that people are reading. You can see that you are making someone FEEL something.

At some point, you’ll realise you did achieve something.

You DID make it.

And here’s another tip. Be mindful of those of those voices, because they’ll likely reapper when you achieve.

THIS is what happens when you constantly strive to be better.

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