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Your website’s looking shmick. Your product descriptions are top notch. So why is it so hard to write your About Me (or Us!) Page? And does it really matter if it’s a bit rubbish?!

In this episode my guest, copy writer Jay Crisp Crow, is going to answer your most pressing questions about website copy. How to make it sing. How to make it resonate. And in particular how to write an About Page that sells whilst it tells.

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In her old life, Jay Crisp Crow juggled a family, a disability, and a communications job that sucked the juice from her bones. Then she had firm words with herself, found her voice, and took her own gig on the road. Through Crisp Copy, Jay writes blow-your-hair-back premium copy for brands, big and small, and teaches women in business how to write copy that sells through coaching, consulting, and courses.

She regularly presents in Perth and online on everything from Staying Away From Safe Copy to Disability and Business and Being Both Fat and Successful. She co-founded a social enterprise with her Queen Ruler daughter, Ella, and in 2019 launched her first podcast – So Crisp.

Some days she runs a business just as a middle-finger to everyone who said she couldn’t make a living writing or tells her she charges too much. Don’t judge. Motivation is different for everyone.

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