Cash flow 101 – Quick ways to make it easy to receive money from your customers

Are you feeling the pinch when it comes to cash flow? If so, maybe you're not making it easy enough for your customers to give you money.

Get Your "Quick Ways To Make It Easy To Receive Money From Your Customers" Retail Biz Strategy

Today we're talking about how you can make it easy for your customers to give you money.

Accept multiple forms of payment

Banking fees are a part of business, and you should build them into your margins. Make sure you Accept multiple payment options. Cash, debit card/eftpos, credit card, paypal, stripe and even bitcoin! By only accepting one form of payment, you may well end up losing a sale.

Offer gift vouchers.

Some people see gift vouchers as a liability, because they need to remain on your balance sheet for a set amount of time. However, gift vouchers being bought is cash flow into your business. The bonus is they will often bring in new customers, as your faithful, loyal fans seek to spread the word about how fab your store is.

Give your customers the ability to buy after hours.

I'm not suggesting that you open longer. What I'm talking about is having an online platform where people can purchase products when your store isn't open. If you don't have a website, you should. Whilst a website may take some time to set up, in less than an hour, you could set up a store on your facebook page with your most popular items, including gift vouchers!

Offer a layaway/layby service for big ticket items.

I don't always advocate not being paid upfront, because it can cost you time chasing up people to pay. However, if you sell higher priced items, the ability to offer a payment plan may be the deciding factor as to whether a customer decides to purchase from you or not. My suggestion here is to make sure that the amount is large enough for you to justify holding the inventory/chasing payments.

Get Your "Quick Ways To Make It Easy To Receive Money From Your Customers" Retail Biz Strategy

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