My 6 Favorite Places For Free Images Retailers Can Use Everyday

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As a retailer, it would be great if your suppliers sent you point of sale material ad beautiful images of stock. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t. But there will also be times when you need gorgeous lifestyle pictures that you can legally use, preferably for free.

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Today I’m going to tell you my 8 favourite places to get designer images, for free. Whether it’s for your blog, or advertising something seasonal, having access to beautiful images that are free is always a bonus. In no particular order, I have listed my top 6 places I use for images and backgrounds:1)

1) Splitshire – I find this site focuses more on things, than people, but I love the saturated colours in their pictures

2) Magdeleine – I think I was taken with the name first. This is a curated site, which tends to lean more towards nature and landscapes, but with a splash of everything else. Which leads me to

3) Splashbase is like a mini search engine for a select group of free images websites.

4) Kaboom Pics– this tends to be my go-to for lifestyle images of people and business images

5) Death to the stock photo is a subscription service, where each week, you’re emailed a curated selection of images, based on a theme.

6) New old stock photos.  Super cute – these are vintage photos from the public archive. You can find so many different things in here. It’s like looking through photo albums of super cool images. Whilst you might think that you’ll never need images other than those from suppliers, not that you’re aware of what’s out there, I’m sure you’ll start to find uses for beautiful images that aren’t boring stock photos. Do you have other resources? I’d love to add them to my list. Comment and link below

  Get “My 6 Favorite Places For Free Images Retailers Can Use Everyday” Retail Biz Strategy

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