Your Ideal Day

One of the best ways to work out what you want from life is to write down your ideal day.

What would you do?

Where would you go?

Who would you be with?

What would you eat and drink?

How would you feel.

Sounds simple right?

But, many people find it REALLY hard, and I’ll admit, I did to. There was a lot of staring into space, contemplating.

If I could be/do/have anything, what would it look like.

I did eventually write it down on Sept 4, 2014. Here’s what my day would look like

Wake up, and have a cup of tea in my comfy chair overlooking the valley

Go for a kayak or walk or do yoga

Have a nourishing breakfast, and not be in a hurry

Head to work and be challenged, inspired, and fairly compensated

Learn something new

Pick up my daughter from school and have a leisurely dinner.

Well, The other morning, 10 Dec, to be precise, I realised I was living my ideal day.


An early morning mastermind session, followed by a walk along the beach. A cup of tea and some yummy fruit & muesli toast sitting outside, then I headed into the office to do some work.

Off to school to watch my daughters school play, then the family headed off to dinner.

If you’re thinking “well, it’s ok for you, you’ve got the time to do this”, then you’re wrong. We ALL have the same amount of time. What we do have is the ability to choose where we spend that time. And up until recently, I was in at work at 8.00am, but I was also close to the edge. I needed some headspace, some me time. And it hit me, that I needed to actually make this part of my everyday. Instead of being in the office at 8.00am, why can’t I go for a walk at 8.00am. It’s only 45 mins, The world can wait.

And guess what. The world DOES wait.

So, tell me, what does your #idealday look like?

Life doesn’t have to complex or expensive for you to enjoy it.

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