"My only regret is I didn't do this 5 years ago"

Supercharge your retail or eCommerce business with a high-level mastermind

No more going it alone or wasting time on 'gurus' who don't have the answers you're looking for. Get access to retail experts who will help you multiply your revenue, take back control AND fall in love with your business all over again.


If you're a 7-figure retail or eCommerce business owner you might be feeling like you've hit a plateau...

You’ve put so many years and so much effort into building a business and brand you love. 

When things are going great, you feel successful and confident. But when they’re not, it feels like you’ve got no-one to talk to because no-one really ‘gets’ it. 

You loved the start-up phase of your business, but now that you’re several years in and making good money, you’ve lost your spark. 

You’re a serial project starter, and you can’t understand why your staff just don’t listen or take on more responsibility for getting things done.

So you keep getting stuck in the weeds of the business. Keeping yourself busy without actually moving the needle AT ALL. 

If only someone could just give you the ANSWERS, you know you could take back control, reignite your passion and move your business forward

But you don't have time for another 'framework' and you're sick of all those 'gurus' who don't really know what they're talking about. After all, you've built a 7-figure business on your own.

What if there was a way to get real results AND feel that weight lift off your shoulders?

The truth is you don't have to hire another coach or go to another lack-luster trade conference that doesn't deliver

You can get access to high-level retail and eCommerce experts who actually walk their talk and will SHOW you what works for your specific business.

PLUS you can enjoy a drink (or a few) at an all-expenses-paid retreat and celebrate your success with like-minded store owners (who won’t steal your best ideas).

"Sal guided me step-by-step through some of the biggest changes in my business. The strategies she used were tested in her own retail stores and weren't just the same old ideas everyone else has, which made me feel confident she would take me in the right direction (even when she was kicking my butt).  The changes in my business have been HUGE.  My store is more profitable than ever before, I've completely redesigned both my space and my range and thanks to Sal's hiring strategies I now have a team of great sales clerks who allow me the time to work on expanding my business.  I love where I'm at right now."


I'm Salena Knight, retail strategist and eCommerce expert for people like you, who are ready to cut the B.S. and get real about where their business is going.

It's why I've created

A high-level mastermind for 7-figure retail and eCommerce brand owners who want a short-cut straight to the answers

I've taken everything I've learned from running an award-winning retail and eCommerce store, as well as years of helping independent retailers hone their business success, and packaged it up as a one-of-a-kind mastermind experience.

PLUS you’ll get access to a panel of top experts from across the retail and eCommerce industry including marketing, finance, branding, sales and social media. (Because I understand your business requires more complex solutions than the average cookie-cutter business coach can provide.) 

By this stage in your business, you already know it’s not worth wasting your time or money on trial and error. 

Whether your goal is to increase sales, improve profitability, grow your team or build a more impactful brand, SUPERCHARGE has been designed specifically to provide tailored advice for you to take control of your future. 

You’ll be able to collaborate with people who ‘get it’, and broaden your knowledge within a network of other high-level retail and eCommerce leaders.


"I never imagined these kinds of results a year ago. Since working together my online store revenue has increased by 100%, with no decline to my in store sales. My overall turnover increased 40% in the past twelve months.  Plus I've increased my data base by 1,000 people and have significantly lowered my lead costs and increased my conversion rates for Facebook Ads. All in all, I'd say that's a pretty good few months!"



After years of searching for the perfect combination of strategic advice, industry-specific expertise and peer support for high-level retail or eCommerce store owners, I know this program is the only one of it's kind anywhere in the world.

When you join Supercharge, you don't simply get added to a private Facebook group with random business owners, or get cookie-cutter advice and left to work it out on your own.

This high-touch, high-impact mastermind is NOT for everyone and it’s no ordinary experience.


  • Have a safe and trusting environment to meet other top-level retail & eCommerce business owners, who know what it feels like to run a high-performing business.

  • Get information, strategies and advice relevant to the needs of a 7-figure retail or eCommerce business (not a generic business approach that doesn't fit your needs).

  • You'll have access to an extensive panel of industry experts to address the wide and complex needs of your store (without paying any extra coaching fees or commissions).
  • You'll be part of a program that will force you to focus, plan and be accountable for creating change in your business so you can break free from the daily grind and do the things you love again.

  • Have opportunities to meet in person and online throughout the year - for both pleasure AND purpose.

  • Attend an all-expenses-paid retreat where we'll dive deep into what's going on in your business and celebrate how far you've come (because I know you don't like to take a holiday unless it's business-related!).


Business Strategy

PERSONALISED STRATEGIES for your unique business

I know your business is more complex and requires more personalised solutions than the average cookie-cutter business coach. I'll help you implement strategies across your entire business that will put you back in the driver's seat instead and stop you lurching from one crisis to the next.

Roadmap for Success

AN AUDIT of your brand and creation of a SUCCESS ROADMAP

I will personally audit your business then work with you to create a Business Roadmap, which will help you get clear on where you're going and how you're getting there, so you can effectively communicate with your team, focus your energy and define your priorities.

Reignite the passion in your business

AN ANNUAL RETREAT experience to connect and focus on your business

Celebrate your wins, share your challenges and plan for your future away from the day-to-day pressures of your business. My highly curated ANNAUL RETREAT is the perfect opportunity to share, learn, connect, relax and most importantly drink cocktails!

Grow your leadership skills


Get access to your own personal business advisory board - a panel of top experts from across the retail and eCommerce industry, including marketing, finance, branding, sales and social media.

Connect with other professionals

A SUPPORT NETWORK of other high-level retail entrepreneurs

Connect with a trusted group of retail professionals (not a random group of entrepreneurs) who, like you, are ready to step up and grow. Being part of this group provides the opportunity to teach, learn, support, share, be held accountable and receive advice without fear of judgement.

Increase your knowledge

Opportunities to develop the MINDSET and SKILLS required to be a great leader
Learn the skills needed to scale your business, grow your team, outsource, automate and delegate so you can transition from being 'controlling' to being IN control. You'll enjoy the freedom, flexibility and financial benefits that come from being a confident and capable leader.


  • EXCLUSIVE SEMINARS and expert guest speakers to keep you ahead of the market.
  • Quarterly PLANNING and ACCOUNTABILITY sessions so you stay on track and actually finish the incredible projects you've started.

"This is the first time I've been in a room with people who are in exactly the same place I am (not startup, not enterprise, somewhere in the middle). I've come away with new energy, the confidence to try new things and information that will help me to make some long-overdue changes to my store."


So what's my story and why join a Mastermind?

The truth is, I'm a lot like you.

A long time ago I used to think 'hard work and hustle' were part and parcel of running a successful retail business.

What I didn't know is those were the very things holding me back from being truly successful.

I believed:

  • Being controlling was the same as being IN control.
  • The only way to keep up with my constant stream of “great ideas” was to do everything myself.
  • Being able to work things out on the fly and constantly crisis manage was a superpower.
  • I was too old, too experienced (too embarrassed) to learn different ways of doing things.

These beliefs kept me stuck in limbo for years. Bored and burnt out.

By chance, I was offered the opportunity to join an executive mastermind, where for the first time I experienced the power of tapping into the extensive experience, skills and knowledge of other high-level leaders.

That experience transformed my business from languishing to opening multiple stores, having customers who loved what we did, building a team of loyal hard-working staff, winning awards, speaking gigs and more...

Being part of that mastermind forced me to actively look at the future of my business and what I needed to get there.

Now, as an experienced retail strategist, I've spent years working on creating a totally unique experience that will offer you the very same opportunity to transform your business.


Salena Knight As Seen At

"In our time working together I've increased my sales, increased my customer base, increased my profit margin, and (my personal highlight) received Cruelty Free certification for my products. I love that you listened to all my big plans and said "so let's work out how you're going to do all that..." which gave me the confidence to feel like anything is possible."


Got Questions?

Maybe you were wondering these things too...

I've been in business for quite a while. Am I going to learn anything new in the program? 

I’ve made the very realistic assumption you haven't got this far in business without a bunch of skills - whether you've gained them through life experience, your previous corporate life, book learning or just from being in business for a long time. That's the very reason I want to get you together with a network of other people so you can tap into the extensive experience, skills and knowledge of others and have opportunities to collaborate, share, learn and exchange ideas.

Will I only learn from other business owners?

I'm passionate about not only providing you with my own retail strategies, but also giving you access to an entire team of high-level business strategists. You'll have ongoing access to experts in finance, social media, branding, sales, digital marketing and mindset coaching, as well as guest speakers from a range of other industries throughout the year. This benefit alone is worth tens of thousands of dollars.

When does the program open and close? 

I open applications to the Supercharge Mastermind a couple of times each year. If applications are closed, I encourage you to get on the waitlist so I can advise you when the next round is opening as spaces are limited. 

I'm looking at business coaching? What makes this mastermind different? 

The Supercharge Mastermind is much more than just coaching. Plus, it’s the only mastermind of its type anywhere in the world. It’s specifically designed to bring together a network of brick-and-mortar retailers AND eCommerce store owners to provide industry-specific knowledge and strategies. At our quarterly planning sessions and annual retreat, you’ll be able to step away from your business and gain a clear focus. Quite simply, you just won't get that with any other business coaching or general mastermind. 

How much time do I need to invest each month? 

When you join Supercharge, there is an expectation that you're ready to take ACTION and make things happen - we don't just sit around talking (or worse still complaining!). Joining the mastermind means you will be part of all our strategy sessions, attend quarterly planning events and join in on group sessions so we can build a network based on trust and mutual respect. Outside of this, it's entirely up to you how much time you put into using the resources and advice to grow your business.

How do I know my ideas and IP will be safe in the group?

What happens in the mastermind, stays in the mastermind. Connecting with a community of entrepreneurs who you can TRUST (and who can trust you) is paramount to the success of the mastermind. We take this very seriously and insist on full confidentiality and non-disclosure.

An all-expenses-paid retreat. Really? 

I know great things happen when you step away from the pressures of your business and start to see things from a new perspective. Lots of laughs, good company, opportunities for learning and a bit of sunshine goes a long way.  So yes, you get yourself there and I’ll cover the rest.

What if the travel restrictions are still in place next year?

One of the best thing about working with retailers, is how quickly we can adapt. As curated retreats take a significant lead time to plan and execute, I'm thinking positive and working with my team to pull everything together for our first retreat in early 2021. If travel restrictions are still in place we'll be working on an Option B.


The SUPERCHARGE Mastermind isn’t for everyone. 

Supercharge is only open to high-earning retail and eCommerce business owners, generating a minimum of $90,000 revenue each month.  

Membership is limited to ensure you get the attention you deserve from a high-end mastermind. Applications are open only a few times a year and membership is granted on a case-by-case basis.  

If your application is successful, you must be willing to be generous, share your experiences (the good, the bad and the ugly) and learn without judgement from others.

You will operate from a place of passion and purpose, be committed to surrounding yourself with an AMAZING group, and be driven to create a highly successful brand.

The mastermind fee is $24,000. Payment is broken down into $6,000 for the first month and $1,635 each month thereafter. 

This investment is non-negotiable because I know you need to have skin in the game to get REAL results.

If this feels like too much of a stretch, SUPERCHARGE is not for you.

" A month ago I was burned out and frustrated and quite frankly ready to walk. I can't believe how much things have changed. We've gone from thinking everything was wrong to you helping us uncover and solve a huge block in our business. Now we're using that knowledge to make so many big and exciting changes our heads are spinning. You're right, having the plan and a vision has helped build real excitement and positivity in our staff and our customers. Even better Greg and I are LOVING turning up each day and making it all happen. We've gone from saying "how can we get rid of this" to "we could do this and this and this...!"


Ready to supercharge your retail or eCommerce business with tailored advice from real people who get real results?