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How to use Pinterest To Sell Products – Kathryn Moorhouse

Today’s guest Kathryn Moorhouse is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs grow their business using Pinterest and she is one of the leading experts on Pinterest marketing. Kathryn has become the go-to expert for helping high performing entrepreneurs grow their audience and income using Pinterest. Clearly, I’m so excited, I can’t even speak properly. Best of all, what I’m really, really loving is Kathryn has also got her own retail store. So the best part about today is, she is going to blend in how she has grown her children’s clothing brands in Logan and use her Pinterest strategies. I’m sitting here, you can’t see but I’m waving my arms around. I wonder if it’s coming through in the intro. But she is going to show how she has used Pinterest to grow that clothing brand.


How To Make Dropshipping Work For Your Store – Charles Palleschi

The best inventions are born of necessity. When Charles Palleschi purchased a store that sells popcorn, of all things, popcorn kernels and popcorn related accessories, the e-commerce business was a stepping stone for him to realize that if he wanted to grow he was going to have to scale and automate parts of his business. And that need inspired Charles to create spark shipping, the leading drop ship software which automates millions upon millions of orders for a-commerce and bricks and mortar retailers every single month. I am really excited to be talking about drop shipping because it is something that a lot of retailers may not know that they are even doing.


Ecommerce Tips To Increase Sales – Jeff Wenberg

Today we are jumping in to learn more about some great e-commerce strategies to make you more money with Jeff Wenberg, content guru from Smart Marketer. If you don’t already follow Smart Marketer you must check them out. The team at Smart Marketer is great and constantly is putting out some of the best content on what’s working and what’s not when it comes to e-commerce so you don’t want to miss that.