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5 Ways To Be Everywhere At Once

You know the feeling, you’re dashing off to your store, your mobile phone is ringing, your partner/child/ or employee is asking you a question, all the while, you’re thinking about orders that need to go out, stock that needs to go onto the shop floor, bills that need to be paid and heck, did you even have breakfast. How often, do you experience that feeling of being pulled in every direction. You feel like you’re dropping the ball, and as you bend down to pick it up, you see that there are a dozen other balls on the ground that you need to pick up as well. You can’t be everywhere at once, but here are 5 strategies you can use, to make it seem like you are. Create an FAQ resource.Whether it’s on your website for customers to read, or in your store as a first point of reference for your staff, having an FAQ page, and teaching people to look their first, can majorly reduce the number of requests that you have to deal with.When it comes to your website, have a big button, or list all of your FAQ’s, BEFORE the customer gets the information on how