It's all good and well to open your store, but regardless of whether you have a physical shopfront, an e-commerce store, (or both) you need to be constantly and consistently marketing your store.

While other stores are heavily discounting and randomly posting on social, you're smart enough to realise that you need to build connections with your customers to encourage repeat sales and brand loyalty.

“The key to successful marketing is to turn your store into a brand"

How to use Pinterest To Sell Products

with Kathryn Moorhouse

Most retailers have become pros at using Facebook and Instagram to boost their store sales but what about Pinterest? Is your retail shop really using Pinterest? Not only to post pretty images and get ideas for your website or storefront but REALLY using Pinterest?! To bring in revenue? If not, then this is a must listen to episode, as Kathryn Moorhouse schools us all on how we can optimize Pinterest to sell products. What better time to start than now!

Smartphone Hacks to Grow your Social Media Fast

with Tabitha Carro

Ever laid on your couch and thought...what if I could just lay here and get my retail shop to make money?I know I can't be alone in this one! Especially since I have one of the best couch hustler's herself, Tabitha Carro here to share the Smartphone marketing knowledge with every retail store owner. Get your smartphones ready and listen up to join the ever-growing community of retail couch hustlers now.

Using Trade Shows As A Powerful Marketing Tool

with Katie Hunt

Trade shows can be an effective strategy to get your brand noticed by thousands of people. They are also a significant investment of time and money. Discover how you can optimise your trade show and set yourself up for a fantastic Return On Investment