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Sal's Story:

Early in 2014, I was struggling. I had a successful business, but I didn't FEEL successful. Everyone was telling me how great I was doing, but it never seemed enough. I constantly felt like I was on a treadmill to earn even more money, and I wasn't appreciating what I had. I wasn't enjoying it.

I heard about Denise on a podcast. Being the podcast junkie I am, I can;t remember which one, but if you google Denise Duffield-Thomas and podcast, I'm sure you'll find a bazillion you can go listen to.

What Denise was saying sounded EXACTLY like what I was going through. How I was living in a 'poverty mindset', by not appreciating and valuing the things I had, and by not spending money on myself, even if it was a small amount. I was always happy to spend my money on other, never myself.

That was the start of my journey. I now think to myself several times a day, what can I incrementally upgrade? My life is so different now. I FEEL so much better about myself, and my life IS abundant.

I have both of the Lucky Bitch books in audio format, and I'll often pop them on in the car when I'm feeling stressed about money. They're like their own form of meditation.


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Denise Says:

Most female entrepreneurs are seriously under-earning compared to their true potential and it’s time to do something about it.


You can have an amazing product or service… but still not make enough money

You can have RAVING fans and the best testimonials ever, but still not make the money you deserve

You might LOOK “money” on the outside, but inside you feel like a fraud.

You might not even think you HAVE money blocks, but you have a nagging feeling that you should earn more (and that it should be EASIER)

It’s really got nothing to do with talent or ambition.

(So, seriously, don’t beat yourself up that you can’t figure this out on your own. It’s really not your fault)

It doesn't mean you're stupid.

In fact, it’s often the most talented and GIVING women who experience money blocks. It’s not just “beginners either”

It doesn't mean you're not meant to be successful

Money blocks happen at ALL levels of business, from zero income to multiple millions.

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Does this work? I was certainly skeptical, but here's what happened when I tried it.

I REALLY wanted a graphic designer, because, graphics aren't my strong point and I knew that I wanted to give my community the best that I could. My great friend Eva referred me to her designer, and we worked out what I needed.

So, my little package of graphics was going to cost $800. I thought that I could best use that money elsewhere, but, I really NEEDED a designer. Fast forward 5 hours, where I back and forthed with the pros and cons. Eventually, I thought f*&% it. I NEED this, so I hired her.

Within 20 mins, I had a phonecall from my insurance broker, saying I was getting a $350 refund on my premium. Within the hour, I had an email saying that an account I was closing had a $450 bond to be refunded.

OMG. There was my $800. In an hour.

True Story.

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