The Retail Collective
The Retail Collective

"The time I used to spend wondering what other people were doing in their business...

I now spend taking action in my own"

Surround yourself with the knowledge, resources and cheersquad that will help you revolutionise your e-commerce or retail business.



"My first year in business was great; loads of customers and money coming in. But the last six months have been so tough and I just don't know how to get more sales..."

"I spend so much time looking at what everyone else is doing in their business I get overwhelmed, depressed and worst of all never get anything done in mine..."

"I quit my corporate job so I could have more flexibility and spend more time with my family, but since I opened my store I see them LESS..."  

"I love networking and socialising but I hate big, impersonal business groups where you ask a question and get 45 conflicting responses from random strangers..."  


"My to-do list was so long, there never seemed to be enough hours in the day and I didn't know what to tackle first. I was so busy going around in circles I didn't end up achieving anything and my business just flat lined.

Being asked to road test The Retail Collective was the kick in the pants I needed. Surrounding myself with like minded, passionate retailers has given me the tools and the confidence to start taking my "little business" seriously and use my time productively." 


Never before have we had access to so much information and so many people and yet retailers are constantly telling me they're confused, they're lonely and they spend more time looking at what others do in their businesses than doing stuff in their own...

Everyday, as a Retail Strategist, I help brick & mortar and e-commerce retailers take action that helps them grow and increase their profits. I've worked with retailers from couture bridal designers to recycled floor mats and everything in between. Over the years I've consistently seen three things that crush otherwise strong businesses;

  • lack of knowledge
  • lack of action 
  • lack of support 

I usually get called in to pick up the pieces when business owners are drowning in debt and out of their mind with overwhelm and stress.

What if you're not at that stage?  

What if you're pottering along hoping things will get better in a few months?

What if you figure you'll just figure out what you need to figure out when you need to (yep, you guessed it!) figure it out?! 

Do you hang around and wait until things are dire before you take action? 

I passionately believe every business owner deserves the opportunity to surround themselves with industry specific knowledge, support and easily implementable strategies. No matter what stage your business is at. And nobody should be at crisis point before they discover it.  

That's why my team and I got together and created The Retail Collective. 

Surrounding yourself with great people and great knowledge is the difference between being your own boss and returning to work for a boss. 

welcome to


Everything You Need To Start Revolutionising The Way You Run Your Business  

The Retail Collective is a members only community designed to provide you with the tools you need to start taking action and revolutionising your retail or e-commerce business.

As a Retail Collective Member, you'll gain...



Stop spending your day agonizing over what other people are doing and start moving your business forward with tried and tested retail strategies, the exact same ones we use with our top tier clients.

No more staying up until midnight trying to work out how to implement a new idea or install a widget. Our Video Master Classes give you the confidence to take control of all those little jobs you've been putting off. Step-by-step.



Surround yourself with your very own cheer squad and support team. Our live monthly office hours calls give you the chance to ask questions - all the questions you didn't even know you had and tap the hive mind of my team of retail strategists, digital marketers, copy writers and techies. 

Put an end to working in isolation and retail loneliness. The Retail Collective Community is just for retailers, so everyone in the group gets what you're going through. You're not 'just a number' and when you ask a question you're going to get answers from people who know what you need to know.

"Working with Salena put me back in control of my business - instead of my business controlling me. The biggest difference working with Sal, compared to other coaches and programs I've done in the past is her focus on ACTION. It's about doing, not just talking through ideas!"

Revolutionise Your Retail or E-commerce Business

whats inside

Retail Collective Membership Will Give You

Monthly Action Plans Each month you'll be able to access to an easy to implement, retail-specific strategy to focus on and work through at your own pace. Our strategies cover the fundamentals of bringing more money, more customers and more freedom to your retail or e-commerce business.

LIVE Monthly Office Hours Calls Get access to a professional brains trust every month (usually only available to our big ticket coaching clients!). Depending on the questions submitted calls are taken by me (Salena) or one of my professional Retail Strategy Team members including my Copy Writing Doyenne, Digital Marketing Guru or Tech Master.

Video Master Classes Be completely confident rolling out your new business strategies as we run through them step-by-step in our Video Training sessions. Designed for even the most tech adverse, these training videos will deliver you from the black hole of YouTube tutorials and eliminate "but I didn't know how" from your excuse list.

The Retail Collective Community It's your very own cheer squad! A place to celebrate your successes, mention the things that didn't go to plan, commiserate, support, get advice, ask questions, swap stuff, buy stuff, hook up - it's your space to make into what ever you want it to be. 


Choose The Retail Collective Membership That's Right For You




Monthly Action Plan

Video Masterclass Training  

Retail Collective Community  

Monthly Office Hours LIVE Call  






Plus These Game Changing BONUSES

 #GameChanger Hacks / Mini Trainings

Discounts on All Retail Academy Courses  

Priority Access to VIP Events  

Peer Group Accountability

- No minimum sign up - - No fixed contract - - No risk - 

Still not convinced?

In my experience there are generally three options open to you, when your business stops moving forwards:

Keep pushing up hill...

Pottering along hoping things will get better in a few months? Constantly looking over your shoulder to see what the competition is doing? Know you don't know everything but you're pretty good at faking it, working around it or ignoring it (even if it takes until midnight)?

You can keep going as you are. You'll probably do alright. But alright generally isn't a sustainable, profitable or enjoyable way to run a business.


Crash and burn...

It's rare to see a store close due to a lack of hard work and hustle. What's not rare, is to see a store close due to a lack of knowledge. I've seen it hundreds of times. Retailers left scratching their heads because they couldn't understand where it all went wrong.  

What they really needed was to work smarter - not harder. Don't crash and burn because you didn't know where to find the strategies and information to turn a good thing, great. 


Start a revolution.

If you want your business to be in a different place to where it is now, it's time to start a revolution. It's time to start doing some things differently. It's time to start taking Action on changing the direction your business is going in. With the right tools and professional support that doesn't need to be a daunting prospect. 

Got Questions? Ask away!

Q. What is The Retail Collective?  

A. The Retail Collective is an online subscription that helps you grow your e-commerce and/or retail store, in a focused way. Every month you'll receive access to a proven business strategy that you can implement in your business. But we don't just give you the strategy and expect you to work it out on your own (you probably tried that already). We provide you with step-by-step training videos AND access to a live Office Hours call every month where you can ask questions and pick our brains.

Q. It's $29 a month - Can it REALLY be any good?  

A. I totally get why you would ask this question (heck, I would too!). It's my mission to give every independent retailer the knowledge they need to build a successful retail/ecommerce business. So my team and I have built The Retail Collective to do just that. We're able to produce this high quality content that gets amazing results, because we also sell courses, coaching and consulting. Those other programs allow us to keep the Collective crazy affordable, so that you can get access to the knowledge, support and connection you need to grow. And as you do, hopefully you'll join us in one of those other programs we offer :D

Q. What is an Action Plan?

A. An Action Plan is a downloadable resource that you use in conjunction with your monthly video masterclass to implement a game-changing strategy into your retail or ecommerce business. Each month you'll receive a new retail-specific video masterclass and associated Action Plan. These topics cover things like cashflow, email marketing, building your customer database, inventory management and strategies to increase sales….. just to name a few. All the practical things you need to grow a retail/ecommerce business. 

Q. What are #GameChanger Hacks?

A. We love the gamechanging hacks! Each one is a mini training (usually 2-5 minutes) showing you how to do super-cool things to uplevel your business. These are "the things you didn't even know you didn't know". Each month we release new #GameChanger Hacks that can help you to maximise your implementation.

Q. Why are there two different membership levels?

A. We get that everyone is a different place in their business. Some people just want the basics. Others are prepared to go that little bit further in order to get bigger results, faster. Neither is right or wrong - they're just different. We give you the freedom to choose the level that's right for where you're at in your business journey.

Q. What happens once I join?  

A. Once your billing details are confirmed you'll get instant access to your first month's Action Plan, so you can get started straight away. Check your inbox for your login information and access to The Retail Collective Community.

Q. What if I decide it's not for me & I want to cancel?  

A. For Monthly Membership If you select the monthly subscription and decide The Retail Collective isn’t for you, you can cancel anytime by contacting us at We require a 30 day notice period for all monthly membership cancellation requests.  

For Annual Subscriptions, once purchased, if you then decide The Retail Collective isn't for you, you can cancel within 7 days of purchase by contacting us at Upon cancellation, you will be refunded the purchase price and your access to all content and the private Facebook group will be suspended and any event tickets purchased at the Collective rate will be refunded. No requests to cancel after 7 days of purchase will be accepted.  

Q. How do I know if The Retail Collective is for me?  

A. The Retail Collective is for any ecommerce store owner / retail store owner / product creator or supplier that sells products. If this is you and you struggle with juggling All. The. Things. but you WANT to grow your business, this program is for you.

Q. How is the membership content delivered?  

A. Each month, you'll receive online access to a proven business strategy consisting of a video Masterclass and a downloadable Action Plan. In addition, you an also access a range of pay-as-you-go online courses and trainings inside the online portal that can help you take your business to the next level.

Q. How much time do I need to invest each month?  

A. In order to grow your business, you WILL have to make time to do so. How much time it takes will depend on what is being implemented each month, but factor around 1-2 hours per month to get the best results.