Judging Ourselves

I was listening to Lewis Howes’ podcast today, with Marie Forleo as the guest. I love listening to her, and all she believes in. Towards the end, Lewis & Marie talked about the “compare game”, which reminded me that I had actually started writing a post about exactly this (but never pressed go on). I […]


15 Day Blog Challenge – Day 11 [Making Me Time]

One of the things I realised last year, was that I was not spending time looking after myself. I’ve mentioned before, that I really worked on my mindset after reading Denise Duffield Thomas’s books (link on the resources page). So I slowly set about changing that. I committed to learning more. I was determined to […]


15 Day Blog Challenge – Day 7 [Focus For Results]

Three times today, Marie Forleo has come up. Firstly, in the initial Blog challenge, then in a podcast about the art of saying ‘No’ and then a friend just emailed me a question about her. Do you know who she is? Marie IS B-School, as in business school. What she’s also known for, is staying […]

Remember the Holidays

As entrepreneurs, business people and store owners, we are often so caught up in what needs to be done, it’s easy to forget that this Holiday time is about family and friends. We need to recharge, so that we can come back and see things with fresh eyes. I’d love you to remember to take […]

Your Ideal Day

One of the best ways to work out what you want from life is to write down your ideal day. What would you do? Where would you go? Who would you be with? What would you eat and drink? How would you feel. Sounds simple right? But, many people find it REALLY hard, and I’ll […]

Why you should just start

It’s not perfect yet The colours don’t work I look fat in that picture I don’t have any products to sell I don’t know how to do it. Excuses. All if them. As I write this post, my website is NOT perfect. The text needs editing, the colours need fixing and some of the links […]