15 Day Blog Challenge – Day 8 [Planning Out 3 Major Goals]

The end of 2014, was the year I got organised. There were a few catalysts. The first was after reading Denise Duffield Thomas’s book, Get Rich Lucky Bitch (<- that’s an affiliate link, if you would like to read it, I would be grateful if you could use my link). And in it, she talks […]


15 Day Blog Challenge – Day 5 [Habits]

Habits Depending on where you’re reading, they take 21, 30, 44 or 66 days to get rid of. What is agreed though, is that ditching¬†a ‘bad habit’ is much more successful when you have a positive replacement. Last year, when I had my MASSIVE mindset change (I can thanks the mindset master Denise Duffield-Thomas for […]