15 Day Blog Challenge – Day 15 [Reflection]

Today I have to decide which was my most challenging day. How do I interpret challenging? Which blog post got me fired up? Which was the hardest to write? Which one gave me the least (or most) inspiration? I think I’m going to choose .. .. .. Day 8 Choosing 3 Major Goals. I have […]

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15 Day Blog Challenge – Day 12 [Decluttering]

I’m a fan of decluttering, and this is an apt post, because today is the day my cleaner comes. Cleaning was one of the big, life changing things, my husband and I decided to outsource last year, and every fortnight, I am so grateful. In fact, one of my personal goals for this year is […]


15 Day Blog Challenge – Day 11 [Making Me Time]

One of the things I realised last year, was that I was not spending time looking after myself. I’ve mentioned before, that I really worked on my mindset after reading Denise Duffield Thomas’s books (link on the resources page). So I slowly set about changing that. I committed to learning more. I was determined to […]

Day 10

15 Day Bog Challenge – Day 10 [Outsourcing]

Outsourcing. I could talk about it for hours. In fact, coming up in February, I WILL be talking about it. A lot. I have a 4 week podcast series on outsourcing! But seriously, you can’t do everything. There are a lot of reasons why you should outsource. Here are just a few [Tweet “You can […]


15 Day Blog Challenge – Day 9 [Streamlining]

Part of becoming a business owner, who works ON their business, is about developing systems and processes, so the people around you can carry out your vision. You can’t do everything, and creating these processes is your first step towards moving out of your business. Your end goal should be to not HAVE to work […]


15 Day Blog Challenge – Day 7 [Focus For Results]

Three times today, Marie Forleo has come up. Firstly, in the initial Blog challenge, then in a podcast about the art of saying ‘No’ and then a friend just emailed me a question about her. Do you know who she is? Marie IS B-School, as in business school. What she’s also known for, is staying […]

15 Day Blog Challenge – Day 4 [Distraction Removal]

The phone’s ringing, your laptop is beeping at you, an alert goes off, in the midst of all this, you get 3 text messages. Productivity = 0 My challenge today is to tell you about one tool that I use to be remove distraction. And this one had me thinking. It was a bit of […]