9ways to move stock
Salena Knight Retail Strategist


9 Strategies To Shift Stock, Without Having A Sale

Using my 9 easy to implement strategies you'll improve your cash flow, reward your customers AND shift stock you were ready to write off. Without attracting those price conscious bargain hunters. 


Hi there, I'm Salena Knight

Are you tired of the well meaning (but incorrect) advice that creating a successful and profitable retail or Ecommerce store is only possible if you hustle just a little bit harder...? Me too!  

As a Professional Retail Strategist my job is to work alongside you to help find ways you can work SMARTER in your business - not harder. From automating the tasks you currently spend hours doing manually, through to full business audits, you'll come away from our time together with more focus and control over your business than you thought possible. 

In this free Retail Resource, I'm super excited to share with you just one of the many strategies I use with my clients.