15 Day Bog Challenge – Day 10 [Outsourcing]


I could talk about it for hours.

In fact, coming up in February, I WILL be talking about it. A lot. I have a 4 week podcast series on outsourcing!

But seriously, you can’t do everything. There are a lot of reasons why you should outsource. Here are just a few

[Tweet “You can bring on board new skills, that you don’t necessarily have.”]

You can get rid of jobs that cost you more to do, than if someone else did them.

You can delegate tasks you really dislike doing, to someone else.

You can free up time by systemising and processing.

You can develop your skills as a business owner, rather than a business worker.

But I’ll talk more about those in the coming weeks.

Today’s challenge is to work out something I can outsource in the next 2 days.

I already have a VA (virtual assistant) who is doing some admin work for me, but we have scheduled a meeting this week, so we can put some processes in place for her to take on more work.

At present, the editing of my podcasts is outsourced, but my VA and I will work together, so that all I have to do is record the podacst. Once we have refined the process, she will take charge of the artwork, the tagging, the uploading and the advertising of the podcast – freeing me up to do the work that earns me money, and that I enjoy.

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  1. Drew White January 30, 2015 Reply

    – bringing on board new skills you don’t have

    – freeing up time for some other focus

    – learning something new in two days

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