15 Day Blog Challenge – Day 9 [Streamlining]

Part of becoming a business owner, who works ON their business, is about developing systems and processes, so the people around you can carry out your vision.

You can’t do everything, and creating these processes is your first step towards moving out of your business.

Your end goal should be to not HAVE to work in your business (if you do, it’s a job, not a business).

Start small, start by putting things in place for the jobs you’re happy to delegate, those that cost you time, effort or money to be doing, and/or that someone else could be doing cheaper, faster or more enjoyably (believe it or not, there re actually people who LIKE to do accounts *shudder*).

Their are a host of tools that you could be using to start streamlining your business. I’ve even put together a guide of my FREE top 8 resources that I use every day.

But what do I need to streamline? What tools or resources will I implement, to streamline my business?

I already use several, like Teamwork, but I have just been introduced to Trello, by Dan Norris, best selling author of The 7 Day Startup, and it looks like an awesome system to make sense, and organise all of the ‘fantastic ideas’ my brain comes up with on an hourly basis.


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