15 Day Blog Challenge – Day 8 [Planning Out 3 Major Goals]

The end of 2014, was the year I got organised.

There were a few catalysts. The first was after reading Denise Duffield Thomas’s book, Get Rich Lucky Bitch (<- that’s an affiliate link, if you would like to read it, I would be grateful if you could use my link). And in it, she talks about decluttering for abundance.

So, I started to declutter, and it felt really good. As a classic hoarder, the simplicity of decluttering was good for my brain. I haven’t finished, but many rooms of my house have been done, most of the shops have been done, and large portions of my life have been decluttered.

How do you declutter your life? Well for me, the biggest one was planning, so that I was no longer running around putting out fires. I sat down and roughly mapped out my year, then got super specific on the first quarter. If you haven’t seen my image on Instagram, here’s how I did it. Nothing high tech, just some brown paper and post-its!

And it’s been great, knowing when stuff is happening, themes for each month, being able to schedule guests, videos and podcasts has been like a giant mental sigh of relief. For someone who is not naturally a planner, let me say, that it does take work. The first quarter, in depth planning, took about 3 hours.

So what other goals do I have for 2015?

Ensuring my podcast is successful.

I stumbled across podcasts in 2014, and you will hear me rave about them. They make learning easy.

After deciding to start my own, I am thoroughly enjoying the process. I really love interviewing people, hearing their stories, and working out how we can integrate new pieces of insight into the retail industry.

But you don’t just ‘interview’ someone, There is a lot of behind the scenes work that goes on, not the least, being FINDING the appropriate people, and working out a mutually acceptable time, usually with someone on the other side of the world!

Then there’s the actual promotion of the podcast.

Launching The Launch Pad

I remember before I opened my store, just thinking “What do I do net?”.

It was so overwhelming, and I wasted thousands of dollars on things I didn’t need to. If I’d spent that money elsewhere, it would have had a better return. But there was no one to show me how.

That’s why I’m so happy to have my new program, that will walk a potential store owner through everything they need to know before opening a store. That person will open their own boutique, with full knowledge of numbers, systems in place, the right staff, and confident that they are armed and ready for growth. They’ll be AT LEAST 5 steps ahead of the competition, before they even open their doors.

Enjoy A Holiday

When I first opened my stores, it never occurred to me to “book in” my holidays. So for many years, our family just didn’t go on them. Then last year, we were lucky enough to go on 2 overseas holidays, which was super-cool. I have to admit though, on the second one, I stressed about work a lot. It was not due to anyone else, but myself. Systems were in place, and everything was working fine without me, but my head wasn’t in the holiday like it should have been, and I take ownership of that.

So this year, I’d like to go on a holiday, and make sure I immerse myself in it, be present and enjoy every minute.


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