15 Day Blog Challenge – Day 7 [Focus For Results]

Three times today, Marie Forleo has come up.

Firstly, in the initial Blog challenge, then in a podcast about the art of saying ‘No’ and then a friend just emailed me a question about her.

Do you know who she is?

Marie IS B-School, as in business school.

What she’s also known for, is staying focussed and being the absolute QUEEN of saying no.

She focuses on one project, BSchool, which only runs once a year, so she has the sales and launch of that, and then when she’s not working on that, she puts all her energies into Marie TV.

It’s SO easy to be distracted by everything that needs doing in your business, and in your life. I’ll be the first one to say that I get easily caught up in the excitement of a new project, so I can get pulled in many directions. But it’s something I’m aware of, and am always catching myself out on.

I have turned down several projects that felt like they would be good, but either financially, or timely, have chosen not to go ahead with. And some of those decisions have been really hard to make, as I felt that there was a good outcome if they proceeded.

But there is only one me, and there is only one you.

You need to decide what needs to be your main focus.

My focus for 2015, is content creation.

My stores and salenaknight.com both have well mapped out content calendars – a first for me. I’ve literally planned my first quarter down to each day, and then have broadly mapped out the rest of the year.

This is my giving back.

This is me, using my knowledge, to help people grow, to change, to be inspired.

What do you need to focus on?



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