15 Day Blog Challenge – Day 4 [Distraction Removal]

The phone’s ringing, your laptop is beeping at you, an alert goes off, in the midst of all this, you get 3 text messages.

Productivity = 0

My challenge today is to tell you about one tool that I use to be remove distraction.

And this one had me thinking. It was a bit of a toughie.

I’m usually pretty good at removing distractions (like facebook) when I have to work. I’ve even been known to put my phone on silent, when I have something I really have to crank out.

I also have an “She’s in a Skype Meeting” gatekeeper, for when people ring my office.

But, I’ll be the first to admit, there are days when I simply feel like I just don’t get anything DONE.

And it’s not because I was overwhelmed, it’s usually because I was procrastinating. Or chatting.

In terms of getting your productivity sh*t together, let’s start with email.

I know there are a load of programs that can help email overload, like unroll.me, sanebox and boomerang. The idea behind all of them is to organise your inbox, and not be bombarded with constant emails. You can also time responses for when they need to be sent – avoiding email ping pong.

You can also set your email up to only sync during business hours. Personally, I shut email down when I leave at 4.00pm, and don’t open it back up until I get in the next day, at 10.00am

Another tech tip, is to use a separate browser (mine is Firefox), where I just don’t have any bookmarks set up. I can use this if I need to do research, without the distraction of things like Facebook dinging in the background.

But my distraction removal tool, which I do use, but admittedly not often enough, is something most of use have at our disposal.

It’s even FREE.

It’s called




Shutting the Door.

Yep, it’s as simple as that. Shutting the door takes away a million and one distractions. If you don’t do it all the time, it signifies to outsiders that your busy. You’re not available.

Come back later,

You’d be amazed at just how productive you can be, when you Shut The Door.

(disclaimer – this may not work perfectly if you work from home and have a small person who perfects banging on said door to get your attention).

Never the less, I urge you to try Shutting The Door, and report back to me one how much you manage to achieve, in a limited time.


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  1. Birgit January 19, 2015 Reply

    Hi Salena, shutting the door – that’s a good one. I agree. I thought you are going to propose to use the off-button of devices, which a lot of people seem to forget that it exists … have a wonderful day with little distractions!

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