15 Day Blog Challenge – Day 3 [Organising Your Personal Life]

Day 3 – and my challenge is to describe what tools I use to organise my personal life.

It’s simple. Without a doubt, the answer is Google Calendar.

I use it to schedule my life

My husband uses it to block out when he’s away.

My staff use it to book who is working, and when.

[Tweet “Once I open the calendar, I can see all of these different calendars at a glance, and know what (and who) is what.”]

I can access the calendar on my phone, or laptop, so I have no excuse to miss anything.

In fact, we so live our lives by the calendar, my husband and I often preface  a conversation with “I’ve already put it in the calendar, but just to let you know, I have to go ……”

I love that people can add you to their calendars, which one of our Strategic Alliance Partners does, so that we can take bookings on her behalf.

Apart from GC, we do have a whiteboard in our kitchen, which is mainly used to schedule what’s happening at school each day, so that we don’t forget to take the appropriate gear (learnt THAT from experience!).

I’ve been reading about Asana – I haven’t tried that out yet, but it looks interesting.

I’d love to know what resource YOU can’t live without, to organise your personal life.

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