15 Day Blog Challenge – Day 15 [Reflection]

Today I have to decide which was my most challenging day.

How do I interpret challenging?

Which blog post got me fired up?

Which was the hardest to write?

Which one gave me the least (or most) inspiration?

I think I’m going to choose




Day 8

Choosing 3 Major Goals.

I have been pretty good at planning this year, but choosing just 3 goals! How’s an overachieving, get-shit-done kinda person supposed to narrow it down to just 3?

I mean, I’m a 3-goals-a-week kind of chick.

But I did it, I narrowed it down, and it’s provided me with focus and clarity.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little detour from the norm.

We’ll return to our regular broadcasting schedule next week.

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