15 Day Blog Challenge – Day 14 [Seeing Your Home As A Stranger]

An odd heading I know.

It took me a few goes to work out what to call today’s challenge, which is

What ONE thing are you going to do in the location you are in right now that is going to make you feel alive and feel like a tourist?

Tricky hey?

I mean, I could cop out and do a generally touristy thing, like go to Manly Beach. But, we do that on a regular basis, so it’s not really fulfilling the challenge.

What the aim of today’s challenge is (or how I’ve interpreted it) is to be present, to appreciate what you have, to love the moment, to see what’s around you, as if you’re seeing it for the first time.

And this is not just important as a blog topic.

[Tweet “It’s important in your everyday life. ESPECIALLY if you already have a business.”]

Walk into your store as if you were a stranger. What do you see?

What do you love, what should you change?

You can do this even if you have an online business. Go to your home page. Really look at it, what feelings do you get? Do the images reflect what your ideal customer would want to see? (I’m kicking you in the butt here if you haven’t done that exercise yet).

It’s a great opportunity for you, and I’ll do it with you.

I’m going to go to Manly beach, have dinner with my family, as see the beach in all it’s glory, as if I haven’t been there before. I’ll walk down the laneways, walk along the sand, and eat at a place I haven’t been before. My family and I will read all the signs that tell us about the place, and we’ll be in the moment.

I’d love to hear what you find, when you look at your business, or life, through the eyes of a stranger.

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