15 Day Blog Challenge – Day 13 [Be Complete-Mind, Body & Soul]

When I started working with a business coach, I remember him saying to me over and over again, Be, Do Have. Sal, you’rve got the Do-ing part down pat, but you need to BE.

I poo-pooed him, saying I WAS being. And in my head I was. I was giving all my energy into building my business and building myself.

But then, something happened. One day, I woke up, and the light bulb clicked on. Suddenly I GOT what he meant about Being.

It’s really hard to describe.

There are lots of people who look at it like this:

If you be (act like) the person you want to be, you’ll do what ‘that’ person would do, you’ll have the life that person would live (ie happiness and abundance).

And lots of people talk about how people get it wrong. They think if they have the (great house, fancy car etc), they’ll be happier.

So how did I translate this? I realised that my mind was completely focussed on building everything to be bigger. Whether it was my business, my profile, or myself.

Now I’m all for self growth, it’s one of my passions, so don’t think you can just throw that one out yet.

In fact, that became part of my being. I spent time working out, what would make me happy. I wrote it down, starting with my ideal day.

And I was ‘selfish’. I wrote it into my goals for the year. What I wanted, from getting my hair cut when it needed it, rather than once or twice a year, through to getting a cleaner.

But today’s challenge is what am I going to implement for my mind, body and soul.

Although it looks like I’m taking the easy road out, by repeating something from before, I am going to start the 5 minute journal, to start practicing gratitude (soul). I’ve also started running, and have a goal of being able to run 5kms in the next 2 months (body). So that’s two, but two that I am fully invested in Being.

What will you implement? What do you struggle making time for?

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