15 Day Blog Challenge – Day 12 [Decluttering]

I’m a fan of decluttering, and this is an apt post, because today is the day my cleaner comes.

Cleaning was one of the big, life changing things, my husband and I decided to outsource last year, and every fortnight, I am so grateful. In fact, one of my personal goals for this year is to up my cleaner to a weekly gig.

Just going back to the Day 10, and outsourcing. If you aren’t ready to outsource ‘work stuff’, make the investment in your own time. Is spending time with your family more important than the money you would spend on a cleaner? It took me ages to get into the mindset of being ok with having a cleaner, and now it’s one of the first things I recommend to my clients.

But, back to decluttering. I’ve talked about decluttering, and an abundant mindset many time.

I can also tell you that having a clean mind, home and workspace make for a much less stressful life.

I went on a decluttering mission last year, but somehow ended up with one space that has accumulated all the detritus that a fmaily somehow manages to accumulate. And that’s what I want to declutter in the next month.

I also want to declutter my brain. It seems to have a lot going on. And I’ve decided that whilst I can’t have the 5min journal app on my phone, I WILL create something similar in my note file, and fill it in daily. If you haven’t seen the 5 minute journal, it’s a great way to declutter your mind and set your intentions for the day, along with reflecting and having gratitude for what you’ve achieved. All this in 5 mins – that’s my style!

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  1. Craig McBren February 26, 2015 Reply

    Hi Salena,

    “I can also tell you that having a clean mind, home and workspace make for a much less stressful life.”

    –So true!

    I’ve written about this and like to call it adding White Space to my life 🙂 The more stuff I shed, the better I feel.

    • Ioana June 16, 2015 Reply

      Careful decluttering your dathguers bedroom!! the most obscure of things can be precious . you know one mans pile of junk is another mans treasure and all that!! []

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