15 Day Blog Challenge – Day 11 [Making Me Time]

One of the things I realised last year, was that I was not spending time looking after myself. I’ve mentioned before, that I really worked on my mindset after reading Denise Duffield Thomas’s books (link on the resources page).

So I slowly set about changing that.

I committed to learning more.

I was determined to enrol in some courses, read loads of books and blog posts and all those newsletters that I get, then delete, because of email overload.

Starting with the email, I went and created a separate email address for newsletter subscriptions. Now, I can flick through and see what I want to read when I have some spare time. I know there are a load of programs that can help email overload, like unroll.me, sanebox and boomerang, and at some point this year, I’ll get onto that.

What I found though, was I just didn’t seem to have big chunks of time to dedicate to learning.

Once Google Reader was relegated to the Google rubbish tip, I couldn’t even keep track of blogs. I used to flick through them in the line at the supermarket, or whilst cooking dinner. I never got the hang of feedly, and, my blog reading went by the wayside.

I don’t even really know how I stumbled onto podcasts. What I do remember, is think it was waaay to technologically advanced for me, as I didn’t have itunes (android girl here).

*slap forehead*

At some point, I bit the bullet and downloaded an app that I could listen to podcasts through. I chose podcastaddict (simply because it was the first one that came up) but you can also use Stitcher on Android.

This was a massive turning point for me. All of a sudden, my 20 min trip to work was filled with all this new information. My head was spinning. So many ideas I could put into practice!

For the first couple of months, it seemed that I was starting every conversation with “I was listening to a podcast….”



In fact, finding podcasts was one of the key drivers (hah, get it, drivers, because I listen to them when I’m driving) to me achieving another goal, which I was failing miserably at.

Exercising 3 times per week.

All of a sudden, I WANTED to exercise more, so I would have another 45 mins to fit in more learning. I was getting 2 podcasts in a day! I actually started doing 4 walks per week.

Starting this year, I’m upping my goal to 5 sessions per week. I mainly walk, but have also started running, so the distraction is perfect. I’m making time for me.

All those endorphins and knowledge was making my brain swirl. I couldn’t turn it off. I was imagining just how much different my business would have been if I’d stumbled across this way of learning earlier.

And it made me realise, that independent retailers, just often don’t have the time to work on themselves. They are so busy working in the business, not on the business. We’ve all heard it before.

So it propelled me to do something.

And that is why I launched the Bringing Business to Retail podcast.

My aim is to bring business experts, mostly from outside the retail industry, to share their knowledge and wisdom. It sounds a bit counter-intuitive, bringing in outsiders, but I promise, you can learn so much from other people, especially when their situation is removed from yours.

I’d love it if you could head on over and have a listen. let me know what you think, and when you feel comfortable, leave me a review in itunes or stitcher. I’d love to know who you’d love to hear from, what topics you’d love to know more about.

ps, if you need to know how to get access to a podcast, watch my cool little video. It’s not hard, I promise!

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