15 Day Blog Challenge – Day 1 [My Morning Ritual]

2015, for me, is about accepting self challenges, pushing myself that bit further in ways that will improve my speaking, writing and camera presence.

So when I saw Natalie Sisson’s 15 Day Blog Challenge, I said “hell yeah, perfect opportunity to work on those goals”.

Today’s Challenge is to talk about your morning ritual.

Towards the end of 2014, I committed to working out, and writing down, what my ideal day would look like. You can read more about my ideal day in this post.

Your perfect day can only start with a great morning ritual. And I’ve been reading (actually, listening via podcasts) about how successful people start their days. And you know what, A LOT of them have the same foundations for their morning rituals.

So what exactly do these successful, wealthy and HAPPY people do?

They practice gratitude

They exercise

They meditate/visualise/have affirmations

They eat well

They truly accept that they need to be healthy in mind, body AND spirit to be happy and successful.

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We’re morining people in our house. I wake between 5.45-6.30 in the morning. To be honest, 6.30 is usually a sleep in!

I have a cup of tea, sitting in my comfy chair, looking out at the green, leafy view from my window.

I usually flick through social media on my tablet, whilst I have my cup of tea.

I make my daughter breakfast, and at 7.00am, I start gretting ready for the day – making lunches, getting dressed, all that boring stuff that people gloss over when they talk about morning rituals!

After I’ve droppped my daughter at school, I head to my office, which I’m very lucky to have, as it’s across the road from the beach. I walk along the beachfront for around 40 mins each weekday. However, I have just started to learn how to run, and my aim is to be able to run a full 10km by the end of the year! I’ve never enjoyed running, but for some reason, it’s not feeling as difficult as it has been in the past.

In this time, I can usually get in at least one, but often 2 podcasts, so I’m fulfilling my desire to learn something new everyday.

I come back to my ofice and I sit outside and have a nourishing breakfast. I love Burgen Fruit and Muesli toast, or if the weather is cooler, I’ll have homemeade granola or porridge.

Then I get to work. I don’t open my email until I start work, which is generally 10am. This was another mindful approach that I chose to put in place last year, when I was feeling stressed and frazzled and it has genuinely made a significant difference in my daily life. I also switch email off when I leave at 4pm.

Most days, I finish work at 4pm. I pick up my daughter, then we head home to make dinner, and do all those things families do of an evening.

What I’m working on improving:

Gratitude – I love the concept of the 5 minute Journal. And to be honest, I’m pissed that so many apps aren’t available on android, this being one of them. But that’s is an excuse right? What’s stopping me from getting a piece of paper and pen and doing the exact same thing.

Meditation – I’ve used the Headspace app before, and my daughter uses The Smiling Mind app every night. I want to incorporate this into my day, and I need to find a time when there is some quite to do so. As our whole household wakes at pretty much the same time, it’s difficult trying to find quiet time!

Green smoothies – it seems EVERY person I listen and speak to, has a green smoothie for breakfast. I haven’t gotten onto that wagon. Yet.

I’m pretty happy with where my day is at. It SO different from where I was this time last year – in at work before 8am, not looking after myself, and I’m happy that I know there are other things that I can try to make it better.

If you’d love to hear more about great moring rituals, here are some podcasts that I’ve enjoyed listeingin to

Eventual Millionaire – featuring Hal Elrod

Lewis Howes – with Tony Robbins

Suitcase Entrepreneur – Natalie Sisson

I’d love to hear what your morning ritual is – leave a comment below.

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  1. Natalie Sisson January 16, 2015 Reply

    Love that you mentioned the 5 Minute Gratitude journal – can’t believe I didn’t include that in my video as I use that too and it’s great. Happy you’re working on those areas to improve and your day certainly does sound great to me Salena.

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